• Passafire – Interval EP
    Item #: ESCD65
    Four brand new songs from Passafire, released just in time for 2015 Spring Tour. The band takes steps even further towards alternative rock with recent live crowd pleasers “Wheels Of Steel” and “Finding Me,” while “Out Of Sight” and “Bobber” are hook-filled, funky sonic experiments. Designed to keep you happy while waiting for the band’s next full-length release.

    • $6.00
  • Passafire Vines LP
    Item #: ESLP36
    At long last, VINES is on VINYL! The whole sequence from the record, along with a download card so you can have the MP3s. Plus, the download card includes three remixes of tracks from the album done by the Drastics.

    Side One:
    1. Earthquake
    2. Right Thing
    3. Souvenir
    4. Go
    5. Phony Imposter
    6. All In Our Minds
    7. Same Old Story
    Side Two:

    1. Steam Rises
    2. Invisible
    3. Stowaway
    4. Black Dog
    5. Night Comes Early
    6. Man of Wishes

    • $15.00
    Item #: ESCD55
    PASSAFIRE’s fifth studio album, their first on Easy Star Records, finds the band from Savannah, GA, pushing the boundaries of reggae and rock even further. Mixed by Paul Leary (Sublime, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid).

    • $11.00
  • Passafire Vines Digital Download