• Ticklah Vs. Axelrod CD
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    This is the third full-length solo album from Ticklah/Victor Axelrod. The album features guest vocals by reggae stars Mickey General and Rob Symeonn, Tamar-kali (of Easy Star All-Stars and the documentary film Afro-Punk), Mayra Vega and Vinia Mojica (best known for her work with De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest). Instrumental contributions come from Victor Rice, along with members of Antibalas, Easy Star All-Stars and Dub Is A Weapon.

    1. Two Face 2. Want Not (featuring Tamar-kali) 3. Scratch To Win 4. Mi Sonsito (featuring Mayra Vega) 5. Rescue Me (featuring Mikey General) 6. Pork Eater (featuring Rob Symeonn) 7. Nature Loving Dub 8. Descent 9. Si Hecho Palante (featuring Mayra Vega) 10. Answer Me 11. Queen Dub (featuring Rob Symeonn) 12. Deception (featuring Vinia Mojica) 13. Nine Years

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  • Ticklah Vs. Axelrod Digital Download
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